How to perform IISRESET on a remote machine

Sometimes it would be much more comfortable when you could run an IISRESET for a server from your local machine instead of opening a remote desktop connection to the server. Also when the server is running with  the user account control (UAC) you have to open a command prompt with administrive access and enter IISRESET. This could be annoying.

The magic to run an IISRESET for a remote server is really simple


How to capture 1080p video from Microsoft LifeCam Studio

This is my first post of my new HowTo series. I've recently purchased the Microsoft LifeCam Studio with a 1080p sensor. Unfortunately Microsoft only delivers it with a crappy software which allows video recordings at maximum 720p with 15fps. I also think that the wmv compression decrease the captured video too. Thumbs DOWN! They mention you could capture 1080p video with third-party software but need at least a quadcore with 3Ghz! I've a Q9950 with 2,83Ghz and this CPU is in my opinion a fast CPU and it barely works. I've tried captureing 1080p with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro. In Adobe Premiere I didn't found any functionality to capture a webcam. And Sony Vegas Pro crashed everytime I was captureing some stuff from the webcam. I was frustrated... until I found a tutorial of how to capture 1080p with VirtualDub!


BlogEngine.NET YouTube Extension - with Facebook Integration

I've found this great YouTube extension for BlogEngine.NET from Al Bsharah. I've extended it a bit so I could integrate the YouTube Video into Facebook. I've already extended the MediaElementPlayer for Facebook Integration. If you read that article, you almost know everything.


Embed Audio & Video from BlogEngine.NET 2.0 MediaElementPlayer to Facebook

It was a long road to embed audio and video into Facebook. First of all you have to request your site to be whitelisted for Facebook videos. Unless you're whitelisted, you couldn't embed videos. This link gives an overview of the Facebook Share Functionality and which properties are required. There you'll also find this link to request your site to be whitelisted. After you send your request, you'll receive an e-mail from Facebook that they'll review your site. And if you're whitelisted, they will contact you again within one week - if not, they didn't contact you. So you have to hope and wait. I've waited one complete week to get finally whitelisted.


Updated to BlogEngine.NET 2.0

I've now updated this blog to BlogEngine.NET 2.0. The upgrade process was pretty straight forward and I didn't ran into any issues. The new feature list in relation to 1.5 is impressive.


Download Flash Cumulus Tag-Cloud Widget

I received a few mails of people searching for the Tag Cloud I presented. Unfortunately all download links are now offline.

I've attached it to this post. Please feel free to download it. (39.46 kb)

Welcome to my Blog / Willkommen zu meinem Blog

Hello Everyone!

After my first two postings it's time to introduce myself a little bit. And also say a few words about the future of this blog. First important thing: my English is not the the best ;-) But I think most of you can handle my English and ignore all wrong grammar. About myself: I'm a .NET developer in Graz and a lot of my postings will handle problems programmers have in their life and google didn't give an useful answer. And also a lot of small development tricks. It really often happen to me that I know, I solved a specific issue but forget 1. how to do this and 2. where I can find the solution for it. So I'll also summarize these things for myself and all of my readers. More...

Setting up BlogEngine.NET 1.5 with a few Extensions

I just finished setting up all basic settings for the BlogEngine.NET 1.5. The setup of the engine itself is really easy and there are a lot of tutorials which explains the steps in detail. So I don't want to waste my time to explain something, which was explained that often.

To be more specific: I ran into some issues and had to find out myself how to solve them. I googled around and didn't find any useful solutions or explanation for this issues.

But before I explain this in detail, I will show you a few useful extensions and widgets I've installed for now. More...

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