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How to capture 1080p video from Microsoft LifeCam Studio

This is my first post of my new HowTo series. I've recently purchased the Microsoft LifeCam Studio with a 1080p sensor. Unfortunately Microsoft only delivers it with a crappy software which allows video recordings at maximum 720p with 15fps. I also think that the wmv compression decrease the captured video too. Thumbs DOWN! They mention you could capture 1080p video with third-party software but need at least a quadcore with 3Ghz! I've a Q9950 with 2,83Ghz and this CPU is in my opinion a fast CPU and it barely works. I've tried captureing 1080p with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro. In Adobe Premiere I didn't found any functionality to capture a webcam. And Sony Vegas Pro crashed everytime I was captureing some stuff from the webcam. I was frustrated... until I found a tutorial of how to capture 1080p with VirtualDub!


Song 2

Me playing Song 2 from Blur.

Backingtrack from


Me playing Everlong from the Foo Fighters. Backingtrack from

Youtube Channel

I've created today a youtube channel for this blog. You could access my channel here:

In the future I will upload my guitar videos to youtube instead of my own webspace. Therefore I will also update the Facebook share extension for the direct video embedding.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Anfang ist ziemlich ausn Takt aber sonst is halbwegs gelungen.

Sultans of Swing


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