Updated to BlogEngine.NET 2.0

I've now updated this blog to BlogEngine.NET 2.0. The upgrade process was pretty straight forward and I didn't ran into any issues. The new feature list in relation to 1.5 is impressive.


Download Flash Cumulus Tag-Cloud Widget

I received a few mails of people searching for the Tag Cloud I presented. Unfortunately all download links are now offline.

I've attached it to this post. Please feel free to download it.

CumulusTagCloud.zip (39.46 kb)

Flash Cumulus Tag-Cloud Widget

I've found a nice Flash-based Cumulus Tag-Cloud on http://www.themes4blogs.com/ and already replaced it with the built-in Tag-Cloud.

It's a nice Widget except of the border around the tag when you mouseover the tag. Except of this, the download version contains a small bug. You could change the settings and save and your tag cloud will look as expected. But when you open up the settings again, all initial settings are filled out. I've checked the source and found the problem: the saved settings are read out - but the value is never assigned to the controls. More...

Setting up BlogEngine.NET 1.5 with a few Extensions

I just finished setting up all basic settings for the BlogEngine.NET 1.5. The setup of the engine itself is really easy and there are a lot of tutorials which explains the steps in detail. So I don't want to waste my time to explain something, which was explained that often.

To be more specific: I ran into some issues and had to find out myself how to solve them. I googled around and didn't find any useful solutions or explanation for this issues.

But before I explain this in detail, I will show you a few useful extensions and widgets I've installed for now. More...

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