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A colleage is currently developing a great silverlight application named "Styrit Note". You could easily create notes and organize them in a tree view. It includes an rich text editor for editing notes. It's currently in beta stadium but it's really great in my opinion. It would be even greater when there is mobile app available. As far as I know this is planned in the future. To see the link to Styrit Note, please open the full article ;-)


Youtube Channel

I've created today a youtube channel for this blog. You could access my channel here:

In the future I will upload my guitar videos to youtube instead of my own webspace. Therefore I will also update the Facebook share extension for the direct video embedding.

Welcome to my Blog / Willkommen zu meinem Blog

Hello Everyone!

After my first two postings it's time to introduce myself a little bit. And also say a few words about the future of this blog. First important thing: my English is not the the best ;-) But I think most of you can handle my English and ignore all wrong grammar. About myself: I'm a .NET developer in Graz and a lot of my postings will handle problems programmers have in their life and google didn't give an useful answer. And also a lot of small development tricks. It really often happen to me that I know, I solved a specific issue but forget 1. how to do this and 2. where I can find the solution for it. So I'll also summarize these things for myself and all of my readers. More...

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