Setting up BlogEngine.NET 1.5 with a few Extensions

I just finished setting up all basic settings for the BlogEngine.NET 1.5. The setup of the engine itself is really easy and there are a lot of tutorials which explains the steps in detail. So I don't want to waste my time to explain something, which was explained that often.

To be more specific: I ran into some issues and had to find out myself how to solve them. I googled around and didn't find any useful solutions or explanation for this issues.

But before I explain this in detail, I will show you a few useful extensions and widgets I've installed for now.

1. YouTubePlayer

By Al Bsharah

This is a really useful extension in my opinion. Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use. A must have!

2. MP3 Player

By Ruslan Tur

In my opinion also a useful extension for BlogEngine.NET if you plan to start a world wide expanding blog. I know - I'm dreaming a little bit ;-)

To the extension: Same as the YouTubePlayer - easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use. A must have!

3. Poll Widget

By Fatih Sever

Ever wanted to know what people reading your blog really think about you? Then you have to install this nice poll widget. Little bit more work to install but it's not that hard. As always: easy to configure, easy to use! And a must have if you always wanted to know if your blog sucks or not.

And last but not least to the problem extension...

4. Syntax Highlighter

I need this! Because I'm a developer I want to share some code samples with you. This one is included with the BlogEngine.NET 1.5 installation. But I didn't get it to run the first time. Evertime I tried to open the source within the control panel, i got following error:

After that, i've tried to find an alternative Syntax Highlighter. I found one from Rickard Nilsson in his blog. You could also find the project on CodePlex. I was impressed from the improvements he developed. Setup was easy - but it didn't worked and get the same error above when I tried to open the source in the control panel.

So I researched a bit the folder structure of the BlogEngine. After a bit experimenting I found a solution: in the ~/App_Code/Extensions/CodeFormatter directory you see a file named CodeFormatter.cs. From the error message, the engine is searching one directory above for a file named CodeFormatterExtension.cs. So grab the original CodeFormatter.cs from the ~/App_Code/Extensions/CodeFormatter directory and move it to ~/App_Code/Extensions - also rename the file to CodeFormatterExtension.cs - and the error above is solved :-)

But... I know, there's always a but... the syntax highlighting didn't worked :-(

I was almost giving up the syntax highlighting project. Until I found on the CodePlex project page a link to supported CSS classes. I was frustrated and tried the quick'n'dirty way and copy/pasted the CSS into the style.css from my theme. And it worked! :-)

So long





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