Updated to BlogEngine.NET 2.0

I've now updated this blog to BlogEngine.NET 2.0. The upgrade process was pretty straight forward and I didn't ran into any issues. The new feature list in relation to 1.5 is impressive.

The most useful part is, that a lot of extensions are now already included. It comes with a great audio/video extension. I've already replaced my flash mp3 player and flash video player with this out of the box extension and it runs great. Also reCaptcha is a great feature which prevents spam. I have had about 50 spam comments every day for this really simple blog - now nothing.

Maybe you also noticed the Share on Facebook button. This is a extension which could be downloaded here: http://www.juanformoso.com.ar/post/2009/03/28/Share-extension-for-BlogEngineNET.aspx

I'm still waiting for Facebook to get whitelisted for videos. Then it will be possible to share a video post on Facebook and the video should be played automatically within Facebook without opening the post itself. I'll let you know how this is done when I could test it out - come on Facebook, just whitelist my blog!

My goal is now also to write a bit more so hopefully my blog will be a bit bigger. For that reason I've included Google AdSense so maybe I could pay the server cost in the future.

If you're interessted of adding AdSense to your BlogEngine.NET, please have a look at these two links:



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